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How to Compare Small Business Insurance

If you are going to compare small business insurance proposals, the automobile liability exposures should be a part of this plan. Auto liability exposures typically deal with the ownership, use, or maintenance of automobiles. The use is more than just driving the vehicle. It also includes the loading and unloading of the auto.

The best small business insurance coverage will include some provision to at least cover automobile liability exposures. Auto liability is normally based upon negligence. Some states have no-fault laws which provide benefits to claimants without the need to prove fault.

Small business insurance packages will usually provide coverage for general liability, property, and auto liability. While you can ensure all of these coverage individually, it is almost always cheaper to insure them together as small business insurance packages.

In regards to auto liability, the employers are vicariously liable for the acts of their employees or volunteer workers within the scope of employment or volunteer work. Sometimes auto owners can be held liable for negligent entrustment. This would be a situation where you loan your automobile to a person who is unfit to drive. Some examples of this would be to loan your car to a child, someone who is drunk, or to an unlicensed person.

Some states hold the registered owner of the vehicle liable while there is negligent use by other parties if they have given permission to do so. Indeed in some cases, getting your permission to drive the auto will invoke liability for the registered owner. If you as the owner of the auto provide a car that is defective, this can also trigger negligence on your part.

The automobile liability coverage cover bodily injury and property damage that arise out of a covered accident. Upon injury coverage can provide protection from injuries to third parties in the other vehicles. Upon injury coverage can also be extended to cover bodily injury claims from passenger’s vehicle if you are found to be negligent. The property damage portion of the coverage would pay for all property damages to vehicles and any other property that was damaged in the accident, up to the limits that you purchase.

When you compare small business insurance coverage in proposals, it is important to have coverage for your auto liability exposures include. Most small business package policies only include the general liability and property coverage. Cost to have the auto liability coverage is generally less than $200 premium.

In summary, for less than a dollar a day you can normally add coverage to your insurance policy to provide the gap coverage from your auto liability exposures. Remember that a vehicle can compute liability to you even though you are not personally driving the auto. Also maintaining and fixing your auto can also create auto liability exposures during that process. Finally, the use and operation of the vehicle most certainly will create auto liability exposures that need to have coverage. The use and operation also includes the loading and unloading of your autos, your vans, and trucks. Negligence can be imputed from a variety of situations with regards to auto liability.

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